Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mouse in the house

Iz my birfday la la !

I'ze got a real life mousie - iz hiding under sofa. Danny has got warning for being a bad mouser - but I knows it woz Stole ha ha! - she broughted it for me - Mum iz trying to catch it but she can't - iz mine.

Mum iz not so happy she wants to take it out alive she sez she will buy a a humane mouse trap - why does she want to do that she has three very good feline mouse catchers right here.

♫ ♪ Oh I'll show you lots of toes, Danny never rushes though, Lots of toes is what he's got and ever more shall be so ♫ ♪

Danny Mittens and Me


Monday, 14 December 2009

Pirate Catz

I'ze got a funny pic wiv me and my big sis Stole - she'z a meanie, not alwayz but mostly ha ha...


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tis the season for my birfday

I'ze going to be having my 1st birfday soon, not sure xactly wen, but i'ze calling Dismember15th birfday day, Chewsday I fink.

I'ze all growed up now, but my big adoptd sis Stole still iz bossing me about. She also moans a lot, she should be called Lisa so that we can call her Moaner Lisa ha ha..

She has been singing at nextdoor cat, Kitty so I made up a song about it...

(Sings to tune of Silent Night)
♫ ♪
Noisy night, there's a fight
Fur does fly, black and white
Nextdoor cat got ever so riled
Stole my sis went ever so wild
Rip each other to pieces
Rip each other to pieces
♫ ♪

And thinking of cold winter...

(Sings to tune of Winter Wunderland)
♫ ♪ Collar Bells, They iz ringing, And now Babe she iz singing, A beautiful night, She'z ready to bite, Mousing in a winter wonderland ♫ ♪

Writted to Santa Catz

♫ ♪ @SantaCatz iz coming to town ♫ ♪

@SantaCatz i'ze want a real-looking toy mouse for chrismus please - i'ze been a good girl mostly(✖), sometimes(✖), almost never(✔) ha ha

but Santa Catz said i'ze been a good girl really.


Monday, 7 December 2009

Scary Chrismus Video

My Mum putted this video on YouTube - it's my big sis Stole in a horror video - she iz very scary but she looks very funny too.

The video starts all nicey nicey but soon gets very scary for little kitties like me.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Danny Mitten

I think Danny Mittens is look very funny - iz he tryings to hynitise me? They'ze lotz of funny pics on cheezburger.

Danny iz a polydactyl cat wiv extra toesies and think my big sis Stole is a terrordactyl - she'z scary!


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Mousing Babe iz the Killer Queen

My peeples gives me toys and bits of screwed up paper to play wiv but nothing iz better than a nice fresh mouse to chase. I likes to mouse but my peeples don't like me bringing my mousies home for some strange reason.

Danny Mittens taught me how to mouse real good, he showed me the best mousing places, but now I am the master-mouser - the Killer Queen.

I have a few hidden around to play wiv later - don't tell the hoomans they'ze will freak out.. ha ha!

Only thing better than a mouse is a nice cardboard box wiv holes in it and tuna and cream and kitty treats (the fishy ones not the meaaty ones).


<:3 )~~~


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