Saturday 5 October 2013

Danny Mittens Is Gone

Danny got poorlier the staff tooked him away and he never came back.

Goodbye Danny Mittens, my bestest friend...


Sunday 1 September 2013

Out wiv the old

The old website at has closed and a new site at is being worked on just now by the staff.

It has been a long time since I writted here and things has changed at home, instead of us three cats (Danny, Stole and me) there is now seven cats. My adoptd cousins came to live here, two girls Charlie and Socks. They keep to themselves mostly and we try to avoid each other.

Last year Tinker a young boy cat adoptd us. He came to our house one day and was very hungry. We gived him food everyday and he kinda lives here now except if the weather is nice when he sleeps outside like Danny.

Another cat, Fluffy, real name Onyx, came to live here for a while last year but the staff founded out where he lived and so he is back at his proper home.

And this year a hungry kitten adptd us her name is Twinkletoes... I don't like her and she doesn't like me.

We also has two other cats that visit us most days: Speckled Jim and Long Tall Sally.

What else has happened in the last over a year? Nope can't think of anything. Oh yes Danny Mittens is a bit poorly.

I hasn't tweeted much lately cos I got older and lazier. I has a old year resolution to tweet more starting tumorrow. Never do today what you can put off till tumorrow.


Wednesday 23 February 2011

Batman Dog

Just had to share - this is a funny video....


Saturday 22 January 2011

Aren't Trees Great?

I likes to chase them birdies up the trees in my garden, but I can never catch them no matter how fast I climb.

Mum videod just after I got up the oak tree, see how fast I can be, but still not fast enough to catch anything. I think I need wings.


Sunday 16 January 2011

Babe and Boxes

I has two videos on Youtube

Watch me be scary...

I do luv boxes, they iz such gud fun and small ones iz a gud ajility test.

I'ze very kwik wiv the claws, hear them squeal, meaargh ha ha!!


Sunday 19 December 2010


A couple of weeks ago we had more snow than I have ever seened.

It snowed and snowed and snowed and Mum made some paths through the snow so that I could go out and play.

The snow iz very cold but iz lotz of fun to play wiv...


Saturday 18 December 2010

I haz been bizzy

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog but I haz been too bizzy.

But now I'ze back wiv a vengeance.

What has I done since the last time I woz here ? lots of stuff...

Summer came and went, ortum came and went, wintr came early and won't go

My adoptd sis Stole iz still grumpy my adpoptd bruvver Danny Mittens still wants to play wiv me but he iz scary cos he iz so much bigger than me.

I iz mostly in hibernation mode cos it is very very cold.

This iz me waking up from a snooze


Sunday 25 July 2010

The North Face of the Birch

It woz going to be a grand ekspedishun up the north face of the birch. My claws woz freshly sharpend and the sun woz high in the sky. The offishul fotograffer woz standing by and I woz ready to go...

The first part of the climb woz the branchless trunk and I used my claws to good effekt, but I had a very tricky manoover to get past the first big branch, I held on for dear life until I regotted my balance. Then I traversied to a safer branch where I rested. The first arduous stage was over...

Now woz some easier climbing for another third of the birch, tho some of the branches woz really quite skinny and close together...

And as I woz getting ready for the final ascent I realized that it woz dinner time and I got a little wurried that I might not be able to get down. As I looked for the easiest route from the big branch my fotograffer grabbed me and putted me on the ground. Oh the indignity...

I will try for the summit again when I have more time.


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