Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tis the season for my birfday

I'ze going to be having my 1st birfday soon, not sure xactly wen, but i'ze calling Dismember15th birfday day, Chewsday I fink.

I'ze all growed up now, but my big adoptd sis Stole still iz bossing me about. She also moans a lot, she should be called Lisa so that we can call her Moaner Lisa ha ha..

She has been singing at nextdoor cat, Kitty so I made up a song about it...

(Sings to tune of Silent Night)
♫ ♪
Noisy night, there's a fight
Fur does fly, black and white
Nextdoor cat got ever so riled
Stole my sis went ever so wild
Rip each other to pieces
Rip each other to pieces
♫ ♪

And thinking of cold winter...

(Sings to tune of Winter Wunderland)
♫ ♪ Collar Bells, They iz ringing, And now Babe she iz singing, A beautiful night, She'z ready to bite, Mousing in a winter wonderland ♫ ♪

Writted to Santa Catz

♫ ♪ @SantaCatz iz coming to town ♫ ♪

@SantaCatz i'ze want a real-looking toy mouse for chrismus please - i'ze been a good girl mostly(✖), sometimes(✖), almost never(✔) ha ha

but Santa Catz said i'ze been a good girl really.


Jaya 15 December 2009 at 03:14  

Wishing you a very purrrrrful birfday!!

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