Friday, 30 April 2010

It Wozn't Me

I woz sitting at the kitchen window when the owtside birdies got all scaredy and flewed away. Then my Mum and me saw a hawk land on the hedge and sit there for a minute. It looked something like this pikture but sitting on a hedge not in a tree.

There haz been piles of dove feathers on the back lawns evry so often and I woz keep getting blamed for killing birdies and it wozn't me; it woz the hawk!

I kill my birdies at least two gardens away so I don't get found owt.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wordless Wednesday #4

Wordless Wednesday | Babe Cattykins


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Cattykins in Action

This iz a rare pikture of me on the move, I'ze so quik usully iz jus a pikture of my tail. Mum woz quik wiv the clicky button on the camra.

I'ze on a nice bit of indoor furniture wot iz outdoor, great for climbing or just sitting to watch the birdies.

Mum sez the furniture iz going to be gotted rid of. The catz in the famlee iz going to have a protest sit on. This may not work out very good cos Stole does not like to share it wiv me and Danny Mittens.


Friday, 16 April 2010

Beatles Songs

Wow I'ze loving this song iz the bestest.

And hoo can forget...

♫ ♪ Pennies raining in my ears and in my eyes ♫ ♪
Iz painful !


♫ ♪
When I find myself lookin for trouble
mother Mary comes to me
speaking words of wisdom
Don't catch the bee
♫ ♪

I woz trying to catch a bumbly bee the uther day but it gotted away wen my mum shushed it away and picked me up.


Friday, 9 April 2010

Dog Alert

I'ze been playing chase-me in the garden wiv Danny Mittens. Danny likes to play wiv me sumtimes. Izn't the sunshine nice?

All of a sudden while I woz checking out the birdbath I noticed the dog in the garden.

It woz Danny's friend Jack who had come to stay wiv us for the day. Danny likes him but I don't. I kept out of the way and watched him.

And do yoo know wot he didded - he tiddled on my favrite shrub - yoo know, the little one I like to roll around next to and kick.

Isn't tiddle a funny word? Reminds me of the nursry rhyme:

Hey diddle diddle
The cat did a tiddle
All over the kitchen floor
The little dog laffed to see such fun
So he tiddled a little bit more.
Hey diddle diddle
The cat did a tiddle
All over the kitchen mat
The little dog laffed to see such fun
And he tiddled all over the cat.


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Babe Does Art

Mum woz hanging out the washing and I gots the urge to do art so i jumpyed arownd in the puddles and then hopped into the laundry basket just before the last towel woz hanged out.

This iz my art:

I calls it "Muddy Garden on Laundry Day"

Mum for sum reason wozn't too pleazed but I think it is ekcellent.


The Secret

My Old Secret

  1. Think about wot yoo want and write wot yoo want on yur blog or on Twitter and make sure yur peeples see it
  2. Look pathetic until yoo'ze get wot you want
  3. When they'ze totally ignores yoo pretend yoo'ze never really wanted wot yoo want
And like attracts like and yoo'ze get more of the not getting wot yoo want

My New Secret
  1. Ask for wot yoo want (on yur blog or on Twitter)
  2. Beleeve that yoos already got wot yoo want
  3. Receeve wot yoos want

And like attracts like and yoo'ze get wot yoos want - in theory.

I'ze wotched The Secret and i'ze practising beleeving that I has a new fun climbing thing, wen I climbs on top on the television in my mind it is a noo fun cat climby thing or cat tree.

I don't quite get how the receeving bit works yet, but apparently I'ze just got to trust the powers that be to arrange for it to happen.

Sappling Lifelike Small Cat Tree House

To the Almighty Ceiling Cat,

Please send me a nice climby thing cos I getz easily bored and I needs sumthing to keep me amused. I wud prefer a super deluxe one.

Also I would like tuna evry day and squirty cream cos they'ze really lip-smacking good.

Thank yoos very muchly

Yurs thankfully

Babe Cattykins


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