Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Cattykins in Action

This iz a rare pikture of me on the move, I'ze so quik usully iz jus a pikture of my tail. Mum woz quik wiv the clicky button on the camra.

I'ze on a nice bit of indoor furniture wot iz outdoor, great for climbing or just sitting to watch the birdies.

Mum sez the furniture iz going to be gotted rid of. The catz in the famlee iz going to have a protest sit on. This may not work out very good cos Stole does not like to share it wiv me and Danny Mittens.


Amy and The House of Cats 20 April 2010 at 18:17  

Babe that is a great picture of you - we like how your back paw is up and you are getting ready to pounce! It is too bad they are going to get rid of the furniture - we hope the sit on works!!

Sparkle the Designer Cat 20 April 2010 at 19:03  

Wait a minute - how do you know the humans aren't going to get BETTER furniture?

Cindy 21 April 2010 at 01:11  

You can get your fur on the new furniture when it gets there, or put a nice hairball on it. Great picture of you.

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