Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Secret

My Old Secret

  1. Think about wot yoo want and write wot yoo want on yur blog or on Twitter and make sure yur peeples see it
  2. Look pathetic until yoo'ze get wot you want
  3. When they'ze totally ignores yoo pretend yoo'ze never really wanted wot yoo want
And like attracts like and yoo'ze get more of the not getting wot yoo want

My New Secret
  1. Ask for wot yoo want (on yur blog or on Twitter)
  2. Beleeve that yoos already got wot yoo want
  3. Receeve wot yoos want

And like attracts like and yoo'ze get wot yoos want - in theory.

I'ze wotched The Secret and i'ze practising beleeving that I has a new fun climbing thing, wen I climbs on top on the television in my mind it is a noo fun cat climby thing or cat tree.

I don't quite get how the receeving bit works yet, but apparently I'ze just got to trust the powers that be to arrange for it to happen.

Sappling Lifelike Small Cat Tree House

To the Almighty Ceiling Cat,

Please send me a nice climby thing cos I getz easily bored and I needs sumthing to keep me amused. I wud prefer a super deluxe one.

Also I would like tuna evry day and squirty cream cos they'ze really lip-smacking good.

Thank yoos very muchly

Yurs thankfully

Babe Cattykins


Amy and The House of Cats 8 April 2010 at 17:57  

This is a great idea - we are going to try it too!

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