Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Usual Suspects

Some birdie feathers woz founded on the grass this morning and we woz all taken in for questioning...

Stole, Danny Mittens & me (Babe Cattykins)

Who killed the birdie? Did a Birdie even get killed? They never seen a body!

It woz the usual suspects... I wozn't putting myself in the frame and Danny iz too slow and stupid to kill anything (mostly).

Stole looked as though butter wuddent melt in her mouth but she iz top on the list of suspects. Well, she sez it woz Keyser Soze. Don't know who that is - must be the grey and white stray cat that woz attacking the bag of recycling the other day. He iz a bit of a psycho - he pooed in the hallway too.

Whodunnit? We woz all outside when it happened.

Woz it Stole?
Woz it Danny?
Woz it me?

Or woz it Keyser Soze? or it could have been Kitty from nextdoor or Frankiestein... or the hawk... They all has motive but now there iz too many suspects - i'ze not very good at writing whodunnits am I?


Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Frankiestein Strikes Back

After a long nite owt I woz coming in the in thru the catflap and a bit of sumthing broked off.

I didn't think anything abowt it cos I'ze always breaking sumthing, but jus as it woz starting to get light there woz an almihty racket. I went to run up the stairs cos it woz scary and saw Danny and Stole looking down at me. They thort the noize woz me but the noize woz still happening.

"Ther'z a monster in the house" I shouted and Stole shouted "Ther'z a monster in the house" and Danny didn't say anything - I think he's a bit stoopid.

Anyway Mum came to see wot all teh noize woz abowt and it wozn't a monster it woz the stray cat Frankiestein wot had come in thru the catflap and couldn't get owt again cos I'd broked it.

He ran away very scared when Mum opened the door - maybe he wont be back again.

Mum iz trying to fix the catflap so it won't get stucked shut again. I think it mus be folty she shud get her money back and get me somthing nice.

Anyway it woz a tiring nite and I haz been very sleepy all day.

Babe Cattykins after a snooze


Friday, 7 May 2010

The Munths According to Babe

How to remember the munths...

Jangleberry, Marks and Maize
Thirty-one has them dayz
Augers, Jillhigh, Oxrober, Dismember
Thirty-one yoo iz now remember
Apehill, Saptemper, Newmember, Dune
Thems have same but minus one
Odd one out is Feebleberry
Has twenty-eight but be wary
On leaping years has twenty-nine
Now we knows them all so fine


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Naughty Kitty Club


Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happy Maize Day

Iz the 1st of Maize an I iz celebrate it in traditional manner wiv a very long sleep. Iz a bit cold owtside. I think I stay indoors till Dune Day maybe warmer then.


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