Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Chewsday Story Tweets

I'ze been on twitter again...

BabeCattykins i'ze bored sumbodee tell me a story....

misterpeabody @BabeCattykins lol. Come closer so I can SEE you better, my dear.

BabeCattykins @misterpeabody that's very big teeth you got

misterpeabody @BabeCattykins Better to eat...carrots with. I make a terrible big bad wolf.

BabeCattykins @misterpeabody they'ze make you eat carrots?

misterpeabody @BabeCattykins Better carrots than cats, right? Actually, I LOVE carrots. They're my favorite treat.

BabeCattykins @misterpeabody I woz going to say no wonder yoo look sad - but if you like carrots who's I to judge i never tried one.

GrandmaStormy @BabeCattykins Awhile back, Miss Petunia and Mr. Kitty were taking a kitty beauty nap when Grandma opened the door.

GrandmaStormy @BabeCattykins She threw some bread outside on the lawn for the anipals out there. She went into bedroom, then returned and saw!

BabeCattykins @GrandmaStormy wot, wot did she see?

GrandmaStormy @BabeCattykins a wild bunny and squirrel were sharing the bread with each other. She grab camera and took a picture to her amazment…

GrandmaStormy @BabeCattykins the wild bunny and squirrel were playing with each other and then gave each other a nosetap. Picture to follow.

BabeCattykins @GrandmaStormy wow!

GrandmaStormy http://twitpic.com/7t4wi - Picture of wild bunny and squirrel giving nosetaps to each other.

@BabeCattykins Theres your story, the end. Hope u likes it!

BabeCattykins @GrandmaStormy thank you very muchly

GrandmaStormy @BabeCattykins You are berry meowlcome.

BabeCattykins @GrandmaStormy http://twitpic.com/7t4wi - They'ze luvly…


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